Looking For Friesian Cows For Sale?

If you are searching for dairy beasts for auction you may be decidedly absorbed in award Friesian beasts for sale. This brand is aswell accepted as Holstein Friesian. Farmers are admiring to this brand for abounding affidavit including their affluence of calving and their college levels of milk production. We accept included some absorbing facts about this brand of beasts in the afterward article.

Distinguishable by their atramentous and white (and occasionally red and white) arrangement which are acutely identifiable rather than blended; this brand of beasts originates from Europe and has been about for some 2,000 years. Their bloodlines can be traced to the Netherlands. A absolutely developed Friesian cow will about counterbalance 580 kg, continuing at about 147 cm.

They were aboriginal alien into Canterbury in 1884 by a agriculturalist called John Grigg, authoritative their way to the arctic island a few years later.

Their top milk crop agency that this brand can aftermath up to 20 litres of milk per bribery anniversary day. This equates to 4,000 litres of milk per division afterward a abundantly grass based diet. Protein and lactose are begin in top concentrations in their milk. Therefore it is accepted to see dairy herds fabricated up predominantly of this breed. In New Zealand, this brand makes up 43% of all dairy cattle. The additional a lot of accepted brand in New Zealand is Jerseys, followed by alloyed breeds.

If you are new to dairy farming, you may acquisition the afterward facts interesting:

- The dairy industry is New Zealand’s better consign earner averaging $11 billion. It is aswell one of the fasted growing industries in the country

- Our dairy articles accomplish up one third of the all-embracing dairy trade

- Some of the better consign markets include: USA, China and Japan

- The better milk assembly aggregation in New Zealand is Fonterra

- The a lot of busy dairy agriculture arena in New Zealand is the Waikato/South Auckland region

- The arctic island has 81% of the country’s milk bearing farms

In accession to the Waikato/South Auckland regions, you can aswell readily acquisition Friesian beasts for auction in these regions too: Northland, Lower Arctic Island, Canterbury and Southland.

It is appropriate to acquaintance a livestock aggregation in the breadth you ambition to farm. A able aggregation will be able to affix you with sellers of top superior stock. A acclaimed aggregation will accept livestock agents that are abreast in a array of beasts breeds including Friesian cows.

John Kelly Livestock Ltd is a abreast endemic livestock aggregation based in Taranaki and is the better apart endemic livestock aggregation in the region.